Replacing Your Timeshare with Global Resorts Network

How many of us have been suckered into buying a timeshare while being on vacation? Maybe you were simply taking advantage of the free gifts that were offered to you as an incentive. Whatever the case may be, you were not planning on purchasing a $25k timeshare, but in the end you felt guilty about taking the free gifts and you purchased. Does this sound like your story? This is exactly what happened to me and my wife. Now that you have your timeshare, you realize that you are not using it very much and we you do you use it you have to make sure that you have enough points, and to top it all off, you still have to pay a yearly maintenance fee. You end up with a headache just thinking about going on vacation. Planning your vacation should not be so dreaded. This is exactly what it feels like when you own a timeshare. It is a good thing that to every problem there is a solution.

Timeshares are slowly becoming extinct with the introduction of resort memberships. These memberships grant access to 5-Star Luxury Resorts worldwide. The cost of these memberships is usually considerably lower than the costs of a timeshare. For example, GRN offers a lifetime membership for 5000 luxury resorts for the low price of $2995. This membership gives members unlimited weeks to these resorts at discounted prices starting at $298 per week. That is per week and NOT per night, and unlimited weeks, as opposed to timeshares, which only allow one week per year.

If you are thinking about purchasing a timeshare, first compare these two options and select the best option for you. If you already have a timeshare and are thinking about getting rid of it, sell it and use the proceeds to purchase a GRN membership. The price of the membership will pay itself on the savings alone when you book your first vacation.

Is Global Resorts Network the Right Business For You?

If you have been searching for a home based business, chances are you have come across Global Resorts Network or GRN. You also are probably asking who this company is and what product do they sell. These are all great questions to ask yourself when choosing a home business opportunity.
Global Resorts Network is a 22 year old company that promotes a lifetime membership to over 5,000 luxury resorts worldwide. Members can stay anywhere on the Globe for weekly rates starting at $289. The more popular destinations such as Hawaii will run for no more than $799 for the entire week. If you are someone that enjoys traveling but does not have the time or money to do so, the GRN business opportunity is ideal for you. Being a business owner with this company allows you to travel as part of your business and as part of your marketing. Whenever you stay at one of the many resorts in the GRN membership, you will get a chance to record a short video clip of the resort so your future prospects can see for themselves the quality of resorts that are on the membership. Essentially, you will be getting paid to travel. Not to mention the tax write-offs associated with your travel business. Most of the expenses you incur while on vacation can be written off of your taxable income, just make sure you check with your CPA first.

The other main question you may be asking yourself is if you will have someone to guide you, coach you, and mentor you as you begin your Global Resorts Network business venture. The answer to that will depend on who you join. You have probably read or heard some horror stories of the home business industry and of the Multi-Level Marketing industry. Most of these stories are told by people that did not join the right leader. They joined only to find themselves alone with no help or guidance. In order to avoid this make sure you contact the person you are thinking joining with. This will help you decide whether or not you will be able to work with this person and how knowledgeable they are when it comes to online marketing. With that said, make sure to do your due diligence and research every opportunity. Take the time now so you don’t end up telling those common MLM scam horror stories.